Gas signaling devices

Warner TKHS-1
Warner of STKH-7M-3 
Warner of STKH-11 
Warner SHIT-3

Power and signaling module: 
BPS-152  Onechannel;
BPS-153  twochanne; 
BPS-154  three-channel; 
BPS-155  fourchannel.

DTKH-152-1 ( dovzryvoopasnaya concentration is methane + hydrogen); 
DTKH-152-2 ( dovzryvoopasnaya concentration is a butane + propan); 
DTKH-152-3 ( dovzryvoopasnaya concentration is hydrogen); 
DTKH-152-4 ( dovzryvoopasnaya concentration is an ethyl spirit); 
DTKH-153 (a dovzryvoopasnaya concentration is a hexane + oils); 
DEKH-1 (a by volume stake is oxygen);
DEKH-2 (a mass concentration is the sulphuretted hydrogen);
DEKH-3 (a by volume stake is carbon monoxide);
DEKH-4 (a by volume stake is carbon dioxide); 
DEKH-5 (a mass concentration is an ammonia); 
DEKH-6 (a mass concentration is an ammonia).
Gazosignalizatory of executions is SHIET-3-6, SHIET-3-12, SHIET-3-18, SHIET-3-24
SHIET-3-6 is  from 1 to 6 ductings of measuring; 
SHIET-3-12 is from 1 to 12 ductings of measuring; 
SHIET-3-18 is from 1 to 18 ductings of measuring;  
SHIET-3-24 is from 1 to 24 ductings of measuring.
Warner SHIET-2  
SHIET-2-13 of DTKH-127 is a onechannel 
SHIET-2-14 of DTKH-128 is a onechannel 
SHIET-2-15 of DTKH-127 is a fivechannel 
SHIET-2-16 of DTKH-128 is a fivechannel 
SHIET-2-17* of DTKH-127 is afivechannel 
SHIET-2-18* of DTKH-128 is a fivechannel
SHIET-2-22** of DTKH-127 Onechannel 
SHIELD-2-23** of DTKH-128 Onechannel 
SHIELD-2-24** of DTKH-127 fivechannel 
SHIELD-2-25** of DTKH-128 fivechannel 


*Executions are intended for control of air in the holds of courts of marine and river fleets.
TY brought in  Marine Register. 
**To on  can the separate order of user be put SHIET-2 with the output compatible signal of 4-20 mA.
Warners-eksplozimetry  thermo-chemical STKH-17  
STKH-17-80 (methane) 
STKH-17-81 (hydrogen) 
STKH-17-83 (ethanol + propan) 
STKH-17-84 (propan) 
STKH-17-85 (N-Bhutan) 
STKH-17-86 (n-hexane) 
STKH-17-87 (petrols) 
STKH-17-88 (izobutan) 
STKH-17-71 (methane)
STKH-17-72 (hydrogen)

Warners of SOS-1 
SOS-1-1 are Methane 
of SOS-1-2 - Bhutan


Gas  Warners  domestic SGB-1-1.1-7  

Aggregate of natural gas and oxide of carbon  of SGB-1-2, SGB-1-2A, SGB-1-2B, SGB-1-2V, SGB-1-2G, SGB-1-2E
Oxide of carbon 0,01 (oxide of carbon) 
SGB-1-4,01,  SGB-1-4,01A, SGB-1-4,01B, SGB-1-4,01V, SGB-1-4,01G, SGB-1-4,01E
Oxide of carbon 0,005 (oxide of carbon) 
SGB-1-4,02, SGB-1-4,02A, SGB-1-4,02B, SGB-1-4,02V, SGB-1-4,02G, SGB-1-4,02E  
Natural gas 1,0 (methane) 
SGB-1-5, SGB-1-5A, SGB-1-5B, SGB-1-5V, SGB-1-5G, SGB-1-5E, SGB-1-5,01B  
Aggregate of natural gas and methane 0,005 (oxide of carbon) 1,0 (methane) 
SGB-1-7, SGB-1-7B
Gas  Warners  domestic SGB-1  
Natural  gas 
SGB-1-8; BPS-165-1; DTKH-165 (channel 1), DTKH-165 (channel 2) 
SGB-1-9; BPS-166-1; DTKH-165 (channel 1)  
Oxide of carbon 
SGB-1-10; BPS-165-2; DEKH-15 (channel 1), DEKH-15 (channel 2) 
SGB-1-11; BPS-166-2; DEKH-15 (channel 1)  
Natural gas oxide of carbon 
SGB-1-12; BPS-165-3; DTKH-165 (channel 1), DEKH-15 (channel 2)

Warners are semiconductor  ZOND-1  
ZOND-1   -1-27 (Oxide of carbon) 
ZOND-1   -1-37 (Sulphuretted hydrogen) 
ZOND-1   1-47 (Methane) 
ZOND-1   -1-57 (Methane, oxide of carbon, sulphuretted hydrogen) 
ZOND-1   -1-67 (Propan)
Warners are semiconductor ZOND-1-77  
ZOND-1-77 Ammonia 
Gas Analyzers of GTKH-1M
SPK-1, IPP-20, IPP-30

MECH-1. Pickoffs for ETKH-1, STKH-5 №V4.675.059, №V4.675.060. 
TTCHE-2 UKHL4. Pickoffs for SHIET-2  №5V4.675.050, №5V4.675.051 
TTCHE-2 UKHL 4. Pickoffs for GTKH-1S №5V4.675.071, №5V4.675.072 
BCHE. Block of pickoffs for STKH-17 FON-1 5V5.064.577 
Block of pickoffs for STKH-11 №5VS5.064.034. 
Block of pickoffs for TKHS-1 №5VS5.064.052.
Gas Cignalizatory  communal SG-1-1...SG-1-3